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Down-to-earth and oriented towards the future


                                    Heart toward the future

——New Year's Message for 2023

When the bell of the New Year rings, the difficult year of 2022 has finally come to an end. We hope for a safe and auspicious new year!

In the past year, due to the repeated epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the high inflation in the world, the US dollar interest rate increase, the economic recession, the serious contraction of domestic real estate and many other reasons, the enterprise suffered a serious impact, the customer inventory was out of stock, and customer orders grew rapidly from 2021 to a precipitous decline in 2022. Therefore, the enterprise suffered an unprecedented blow. Especially near the end of the year, with the opening of the epidemic situation, COVID-19 broke out, and a large number of "sheep, sheep and sheep" appeared, which made China, which had better prevention and control in the past three years, unexpected. The past year, whether it's success or failure, no matter how many regrets, has come! The past has become history, and only in the new year can we strive even harder towards the future.

Looking back on the past year, facing the continuous outbreak of the epidemic in multiple places, limited travel, and a significant decrease in orders, we have not been discouraged and actively taken response measures, mainly including: firstly, timely adjustment of internal production organization and personnel; Secondly, actively developing new projects and customers, not only supplementing new orders, but also laying the foundation for future development; The third is to strengthen internal management, upgrade management software, and strengthen informatization and lean management. All of this is both to solve the current difficulties and to make positive contributions to future development.

2022 is the most difficult year since our company was founded, and perhaps the best year for our future. In the future, the global economy will decline, Sino US relations will deteriorate, the world will be in turmoil, and major changes that have not occurred in a century are taking place. We cannot foresee the uncertainty of the future, the only thing we can be certain of is our mission and actions. We must be down-to-earth, focused on the future, and persevere to move forward.

We have determined that the overall work plan for the New Year is to live in danger and be safe, seize opportunities, transform and upgrade, and achieve high-quality development. To this end, we must achieve: first, face various difficulties with firm confidence and strong determination; Secondly, adjust the structure and layout of enterprises to adapt to future uncertainties while also preventing risks; Thirdly, starting from creating value for customers, actively developing new projects and customers; Fourth, strengthen Lean manufacturing and lean management, actively apply the "5G+Industrial Internet" technology, and accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing; Fifth, adhere to integrity and innovation, and strive to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise; Sixth, talent internationalization to meet the internationalization needs of enterprises. In a word, we should strive to improve the five abilities of high-quality development: continuous innovation ability, competitive ability to obtain orders, resilience to uncertainty, effective profitability, and sustainable development ability.

The world is constantly changing, and only change is the unchanging truth. In his 2018 cross annual speech, Luo Zhenyu from Luo Ji Thinking said, "What determines the individual destiny of our generation is not only the well-known major trends, but also the 'small trends' that require each and every one of us to proactively discover. Small trends are trends that influence trends and bring about changes. We must actively seek the "small trend" of enterprise development opportunities, seize opportunities, and develop against the trend.

Finally, encouraged by Su Dongpo's "Dingfengbo", confident and optimistic:

Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not moan and walk slowly. Bamboo sticks and awn shoes are lighter than horses, who is afraid? A misty rain can last a lifetime.

The chilly spring breeze wakes me up, slightly cold, but the mountain slants but greets me. Looking back on the bleak place where I have always been, I have returned without any rain or sunshine.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year, a healthy family, and all the best!

Chairman: Zhang Boliang

January 1, 2023