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Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows how to deal with emergencies

June 2023 is the 22nd national production safety month. According to the idea of "everyone talks about safety, everyone can respond to emergencies", and in combination with the spirit of the training meeting of the main responsibility of production safety of the emergency management bureau of Hangzhou City and Tonglu County, and the safety deployment meeting of "storm action, iron wrist renovation" of Tonglu Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou Fanya Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. organized all cadres and employees to carry out a series of activities of production safety month.
Panasia established the 2023 "Safety Production Month" activity group, led by General Manager Jiang Yurong. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the awareness of safety production among all employees and strengthen their sense of main responsibility. At the same time, improve the safety management system, strengthen emergency response capabilities, reduce general accident hazards, and eliminate major safety hazards.

Create a safe atmosphere

By hanging banners, posting slogans, and improving safety warning signs within the factory area, we aim to create a safety month atmosphere and enhance the safety awareness of all employees.

Organize a "one-time" safety training for all employees

Conduct departmental and workshop safety work meetings, and organize safety education and training for all employees. Organize the staff to carry out safety education and training in workshops and teams, mainly including the spirit transmission of the safety training meeting organized by the government Chief security officer unit, the company's safety responsibility system and other safety systems, job safety operation specifications, emergency response knowledge, etc.

Organize "one-time" safety education and training for management cadres
Organize safety education and training primarily for workshop directors and team leaders, continuously instill the concept of "managing production must manage safety", and further strengthen safety management awareness. Fulfill the responsibilities of being the "first person responsible for safety production" in the workshop and team, and further improve the safety production management work in this workshop.

Organize a "one-time" special training for special operation personnel
Conduct a safety education and training program for special operations personnel such as electricians, forklifts, welders, and special equipment management personnel within the company to further enhance the safety management of special operations and special equipment.

Organize a 'once' safety exam
Organize safety examinations for employees according to the actual safety points of the company, and verify the employees' mastery of safety knowledge in the form of paper examination papers and practical operations.

Organize and carry out a "one-time" hidden danger investigation action
Each workshop conducts self-inspections of safety production work based on its own actual situation, focusing on checking employees' standardized operations, equipment, safety facilities, and environmental safety. Afterward, the company organizes another inspection and acceptance and includes violations in the assessment.

Organize a "one-time" emergency drill
Including comprehensive emergency plans, special emergency plans, and on-site disposal plans for fire extinguishing, evacuation, chemical leakage, limited space, high-temperature heatstroke, gas boilers, etc. Let employees learn and master emergency rescue knowledge, fire fighting ability, evacuation organization and escape methods in Honbasho.

Safety is no small matter. The company will continue to fulfill its main responsibility for safety, strictly implement safety regulations, strengthen the investigation and management of safety risks and hidden dangers, increase safety management efforts, regularly carry out safety training and emergency drills, and ensure the smooth progress of safety production work.